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Want to know if screwpiling is a faster - easier - cheaper option compared to conventional piling methods? For expert advice from our specialist engineers contact us NOW and get the latest on all aspects of piling, anchoring and stabilisation. We always offer design advice on conventional piling solutions to fit your budget.

Our Services

Screwpile Australia, the only West Australian owned and operated piling and ground anchoring company that offers an in-house turnkey approach to engineering design, manufacture, installation, testing and engineering certification for projects, all under a current ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Accreditation. Associate companies FONDEX and Foundation Engineering provide extended solutions in soil stabilisation and retention methods using microfine cement grouts soil injection and concrete piling techniques.


Compression Piling

If you need low or high load capacity structural piling solutions using screwpiles, we can help. Screwpile Australia uses screw piers, screw piles, helical piers and grout or concrete bored piles to create a custom solution for your compression piling needs.


Soil Retention and Shore Piling

We offer a wide range of retention and stabilising options, include contiguous concrete boundary piles, sheet piling, board and beam piling, grout gravity walls, shotcrete walls. Screwpile Australia can help you stabilise almost anything simply and on budget.


Tension Piles

Structural tension screwpiling is a great alterative to traditional tension piling with no excavation needed. Screwpile Australia can offer configurations to cater for cantilever, hydrostatic and wind load applications, including cyclonic anchors and piers and concrete piles.


Ground Anchors

We make ground anchors easy with a wide range of screw anchors, soil nails, deep tie-back and grouted anchors for a broad range of applications such as deep sheet pile and contiguous piling tie-back anchors, embankment stabilisation, remedial works.

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